please please donn't delete this bloooooog its wayyy to much aamzing and brings me sooo much memories of your blog, your gifs, edits, thoughts, i have litterally fanngirlld when u made something new! And still do :p love the mix scenes of arhii sooo much memories ga <33 anywas just wanted to say that! keep rocking swethaaaaaa,, looove youu <33

Awww, I’m sorry I didn’t see this message before…but thank you so much! This is so sweet (: I don’t think I’ll ever delete it…but it definitely won’t be very active!

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yo, I changed it back to this url a while ago! but haha, thanks. I missed it too (‘:

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AU: Arnav and Khushi pretend to get married

Arnav is devastated after finding Khushi on the terrace with Shyam.  He confronts Khushi, but his feelings for her overpower his judgement and he gives her a chance to explain.  Khushi tells Arnav about how Shyam tricked her and about everything else he did.  Livid with rage, Arnav and Khushi hatch a plan to reveal Shyam’s truth to Anjali.  They pretend to get married and in the process of ruining Shyam, they fall even more in love with each other.  Anjali doesn’t take Shyam’s betrayal well, but eventually she gets over it and Arnav and Khushi finally get married…for real this time!

i love your work you make awesome avis can you make some more ipkknd avis please or some sanaya avis no one makes stuff on her :(

thank you! and yes, of course (:

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Sorry I fail at following through with things

I promise I started a new gifset…I’m just too lazy to finish it -_-‘ 

keep an eye out for new stuff!! :D 

I’m going to go fix the theme now.

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I’m thinking of making some ipkknd stuff in the next couple of days

I miss the early days of the show ):

THIS BLOG IS THE BEST BLOG EVER IN EXISTENCE. No other has the power to give me so many memories and feels of good times :') I was just stalking the archive for some holi gifs and alksjdlfakj it is my happy place :') love you swetha di <3 thank you for givethepyaarafreakingnaam/mannatkichaabi

hahahhaaha omg Himani. Thanks bbg. I was thinking about deleting this blog cause I’m not planning on posting in it anymore, but I enjoy looking through my old stuff way too much xD <333

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Hi just wanted to say that this is an absolutely FLAWLESS blog with equally flawless gifs! I really love this blog <3 Do you know if Swetha will carry on with the 10 Favourite Arhi scenes, or when she'll make any more gifs? xx

Hey! Awww, thank you so much (:

I don’t think I will be finishing it. I am pretty much giffing IPKKND for the time being. Maybe if I am extremely nostalgic one day, I will come back and finish it. But for now, I have no plans to continue it or make any new gifs. Sorrry! ):

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If possible make something from welcome episode nobody is making and I am dying to see some stuff on flawless sanaya

hey! i haven’t been able to find any HQ links of the episode ): everything is mediocre quality and i’m going to have a pretty hard time giffing that. if i find some good links i will definitely make something!

if someone finds a HQ link (preferably 720p) please share!

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